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De la: Helina Amira
Subiect: Personal Investment

Textul mesajului:
Hello Dear, 
As-salamu alaykum
Hope this email meets you at your best, My name is Helina Amira Al-Maktoum from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I am 24 years of Age, 
I have not done business in your country before, I want to invest through you as I am not allowed to venture into business as a lady.

I need your help for an investment capital of USD $50. 5 M ready with financial institutions ready to  start investing through you as my partner.

I can be reached on this email or private  WhatsApp for more information on how to access it.  so that he can  explain the whole business transaction to you. 
I cannot say everything here. Kindly get back to me if you’re interested and need details. 
Email me on: or

Best Regards, 
Helina Amira 
Saudi Arabia

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